Urban Affairs Department
About the Department

The aim of the Department is to see that all the Urban areas of the State are provided with proper facilities so that all the habitants are provided with proper drinking water supply, good communication system ,clean and healthy living conditions, recreation facilities which will facilitate their all round development In order to achieve this the Department is implementing different schemes which will provide long term physical benefits e.g., the Scheme for improvement of slum areas ,Poverty Alleviation Programme, construction of footpath roads drains, shopping complex, Parking lots ,widening of roads etc to ease traffic congestion of urban areas. The Department has to keep pace with urbanization to provide the desired level of amenities in the urban areas.

Other Details

The main objective of the Department of Urban Affairs is to ensure proper planning and management of the Urban areas of the state with emphasis on provision of necessary infrastructure and civic amenities including provision of healthy living conditions in all urban centres of the State.