Public Works Department
About the Department

The Meghalaya Public Works Department came into existence along with creation of the State of Meghalaya on the 21st January’1970 with Shri G. C. Momin as the first Chief Engineer & Secretary. There were two Circle offices at Shillong and one at Tura. The number of Divisional offices were five number in Khasi Hills, two number in Garo Hills and one at Jowai with minimum number of Sub-Divisional offices. The Government of Meghalaya realized the urgent need of creating a good road network, as in this landlocked hilly State, the only mode of transportation is by road. There has been fast expansion of the Department to take up the challenge of road network building, which is the most essential infrastructure for development and growth of the state and the people in general.

        When Meghalaya was carved out of Assam as an autonomous state, it inherited a total road length of 2786.68 kms including 174 km of National Highways with road density of 12.42 km per 100 square kilometres. Considerable achievement has since been made after attainment of statehood, and up to the end of the 12th Five Year Plan total road length has reached up to 10,487.094 kms; out of which 7460.201 km is surface and remaining 3026.893 km is un-surface. The road density has increased to 46.76 km per 100 square kilometres up March’2017, which is quite significant. However we are still far below the national average of 170 km per 100 In order to provide better services to the people of the state, the Meghalaya Public Works Department is taking steps for improvement and up-gradation of the existing roads and bridges in phased manner.

        Meghalaya has to strive harder to construct more roads and bridges, so as to connect more villages. Up-gradation of the existing roads and bridges with a view to properly utilize the existing assets of the state has become most essential in view of the increase in the commercial traffic. Rapid exploitation of minerals like coal and limestone has seen considerable growth in the traffic intensity and also put more pressure on the existing pavement structure of roads, which cannot cater to the increased load and intensity of present day traffic. Efforts have been made to upgrade the existing roads by way of improvement, widening, strengthening, metalling and black topping, construction / reconstruction of bridges and culverts. The department is making all efforts to bring road network closer to the rural habitations in phased manner.

        Out of 5782 nos of villages in the state 3453 nos are connected by road up to 31.03.2017. Steps are continuing to accelerate the development of road network in rural areas.

        The Building Wing of the department is engaged in construction of buildings for different departments in the state. The Meghalaya Government Construction Corporation was also created by P.W.D. to cope with the enormous task of building constructions. The Corporation is not only doing works in Meghalaya but has done excellent job outside the state too.

        The Meghalaya Public Works Department is fully geared up to take the challenges of construction and improvement of roads, buildings and E & D works in the state and is dedicated to providing a good road network for the rural as well as urban population.

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