Housing Department
About the Department

Department is implementing the schemes out of plan fund allocation. At the Directorate level the function is to formulate policies at the State level on matters relating to Housing, other function is to draft Acts, Rules, laws, Bye-laws, etc. to prepare detail programmes for implementation of Schemes, Construction works, etc. The Directorate is to maintain liaison between the Government and Semi Government organisation on matters relating to Housing, Meghalaya State Housing Board matters and to sanction Grant-in-aid to the Meghalaya State Housing Board, to prepare and maintain loan recovery statements and calculation of previous loans and any other job assigned by the Government from time to time.

         The role of the Housing Department is to implement the Housing schemes introduced by the Government of India since 1952. The Housing Department is implementing the schemes out of Plan fund allocation. The Housing Department is to formulate policies on matter relating to Housing schemes, to draft Acts, rules, Laws, Bye – Laws relating to housing to evolve suitable design and prepared details programmes with cost, specification etc. for implementation by the State, District and Local Agencies, to remain in liaison between the Government of India, different Government. Departments on matter relating to housing, to sanction grant in aid on behalf of the Government to co-ordinate with financial institution, to prepare and maintain loan recovery statement and to do any other job assigned by the Government from time to time.


Structure of the Secretariat, Directorate and District Levels


i) At the Secretariat Level

         The Department is under the control of the Secretary to the Govt. of Meghalaya, Housing Department assisted by the  Deputy Secretary to the Government of Meghalaya Department.

ii) At the Directorate Level

         The Department is headed by the Director of Housing and assisted by the Assistant Director of Housing. The Housing Directorate comprises of the following branch:

         a) Technical Branch.

         b) Research Branch.

         c) Establishment Branch.

         d) Recovery Branch.

iii) In the District Level

         The District Housing Office which is a branch of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office and placed under the Administrative control of the Deputy Commissioner.

Other Details

The District offices under the charge of the Deputy Commissioner (Housing) are to distribute loan and grant-in-aid forms, scrutinise the applications, make enquiries and verifications disburse the loan amount installment or grant-in-aid or carry out other functions that Government may assigned from time to time.

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