General Administration Department
About the Department

General Administration Department (B)


General Administration Department (B) was created with a specific responsibility to regulate the facilities and entitlement of the members of the Council of Ministry, the Officers of the State Government, visiting dignitaries to the State, Census Operations/ National Population Register, maintenance and repairs of Government Bungalows/ Quarters, Aadhaar Enrolment in the state and the welfare of Ex-Servicemen. It performs duties and functions as per Government Rules and procedures under the direction of the Competent Authority.


  1. Functions:
  1. Allotment of Government Bungalows/ Quarters to Ministers, Chairman, Officers, Ministerial Staff and Grade IV employees.
  2. Furnishing in Ministers Bungalow.
  3. Sanction of House Rent in respect of Ministers staying in their own or private rented house.
  4. Repair and Maintenance of Government Bungalows/Quarters.
  5. Water supply Bills of Ministers.
  6. Maintenance of applications for Government Quarters.
  7. Survey Report of old and unserviceable furniture from Government Quarters.
  8. Issue of NOC to Minister and Chairman occupying/staying in their own or private rented house.
  9. Furnishing bills of Ministers/Chairman Bungalows/Quarters.
  10. Aadhaar Enrolment in the State.
  11. Matters relating to operation of Census/NPR.
  12. State Warrant /Central Warrant of Precedence.
  13. State Emblem/Logo.
  14. State Names Authority Constitution/Re-constitution of District State and District Level Committee, etc.
  15. Re-naming of roads, villages and other local entities.
  16. Regulation and allotment of Telephone to the Ministers/Chairman/ Senior Officers, other Class I Officers in Government Offices and residences as per entitlement.
  17. Approval of telephone connection in respect of All Heads of Department and their Subordinate Offices.
  18. Maintenance of EPABX/Complaints.
  19. Allotment of Telephone for all Subordinate offices which are under the control of General Administration Department i.e. Meghalaya House New Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Mumbai, Vellore Estate Office Shillong, Director Sainik Welfare Shillong, Zila Sainik Welfare Office, Shillong and State Guest House, Shillong.
  20. All establishment matters relating to Estate Office.
  21. All establishment matters relating to Directorate of Sainik Welfare Shillong, Zila Sainik Welfare Office, Shillong and Tura.
  22. Meghalaya State Guest Rules.
  23. Amendments to the Meghalaya State Guest Rules.
  24. Issue of POL, sanction of State Guest bills in connection with the visit of State Guest declared by General Administration Department, Law, Parliamentary Affairs, Political and Personnel AR (A) & (B) Department.
  25. Requisition Bills of vehicles during the visit of VIPs.
  26. Protocol Cell establishment matters.
  27. All matters relating to administration of Meghalaya Cinema Acts and Rules, Meghalaya Cinema (Exhibition of film of video equipment) Rules, 1985. The Central Government Cinema Act and Rules.
  28.  Grant of Government approval to the issue of licenses for Cinema and Videos.
  29. Amendments to Meghalaya Cinema/Video Rules.
  30. Right to information cases in respect of the Administrative and subordinate offices.


  1. General Administration Department (B) administers the following Rules.
  1. Meghalaya State Guest Rules, 1991.
  2. Allotment of Government Residences (General Pool) Rules 1980.
  3. Meghalaya Cinema Acts & Rules, Meghalaya Cinema (Exhibition of film of Video equipment) Rules 1985.
  1. The Department functions as the Nodal Department in respect of :-
  1. Matters relating with the operation of Census/NPR.
  2. Aadhaar enrolment in the State.
  1. The Department is the Registrar for Aadhaar enrolment in the State in which the Deputy Commissioners are the Enrolment Agencies.
  2. The Department is the Administrative Department of 1(one) Directorate and 3 (three) District Offices viz;
  3. Directorate of Sainik Welfare Office, Shillong
  4. Zila Sainik Welfare Office, Shillong.
  5. Zila Sainik Welfare Office, Tura
  6. Estate Office, Shillong.
  7. Functions of Subordinate Offices
  1. Directorate of Sainik Welfare:

The Directorate of Sainik Welfare Meghalaya is looking after the welfare of residents Ex-Servicemen belonging to the Army, Navy, Airforce, their pensionary benefits, medical facilities and other financial assistance from the Central and State Government. It also looks after the welfare of their widows and dependents viz; employment, vocational training, self-employment etc.

The Director Sainik Welfare is assisted by the Zila Sainik Welfare Officer, Shillong and Tura.  The Central Government contributes 75% of the establishment cost of the Directorate and 25% of the cost is contributed by the State Government.

  1. The Estate Office:

The Estate Office under the immediate control of the Estate Officer is primarily responsible for the repair and maintenance of Government Bungalows/Quarters which falls under the jurisdiction of General Administration Department (B). The Estate Office attends to all complaints received from the occupants of Government quarters. The Estate Office is responsible for issue of No Demand Certificate to the Government employees.