Soil & Water Conservation Department
Title: National Bamboo Mission
Bamboo is a versatile group of plants which is capable of providing ecological, economic and livelihood security to the people. India has the highest area (13.96 million h.a) under bamboo and is the second richest country, after China, in terms of bamboo diversity with 136 species (125 indigenous and 11 exotic). The annual production of bamboo in India is about 14.6 million tonnes and annual yield varies from 1 to 3 tonnes per h.a, a major issue to be addressed.
In most of the hilly States of the country, bamboo is used as building material/construction material, besides, having a niche as basic raw material in other countries with various traditional and an ever-increasing range of contemporary uses/applications in industries like paper and pulp, construction, furniture, textile, food, energy production etc. This is especially important from the potential of bamboo-based livelihoods and employment for rejuvenating the rural economy and doubling of farmers’ income
i) To increase the area under bamboo plantation in non forest Government and private lands to supplement farm income and contribute towards resilience to climate change as well as availability of quality raw material requirement of industries. The bamboo plantations will be promoted predominantly in farmers’ fields, homesteads, community lands, arable wastelands, and along irrigation canals, water bodies etc.
ii) To improve post-harvest management through establishment of innovative primary processing units near the source of production, primary treatment and seasoning plants, preservation technologies and market infrastructure.
iii) To promote product development keeping in view market demand, by assisting R&D, entrepreneurship & business models at micro, small and medium levels and feed bigger industry.
iv) To rejuvenate the under developed bamboo industry in India.
v) To promote skill development, capacity building, awareness generation for development of bamboo sector from production to market demand.
vi) To realign efforts so as to reduce dependency on import of bamboo and bamboo products by way of improved productivity and suitability of domestic raw material for industry, so as to enhance income of the primary producers.
Scheme Beneficiaries:
SC/ST, Citizen
Scheme Benefits:
Age From:
Central 90% and State 10%