Law Department
About the Department

The Law Department is divided in two branches, namely:-
Law (A) Department
Law (B) Department

Main Functions

The main functions of Law Department, by nature of its works basically are legal matters of the State Government. The Officers of the Law Department are borne from the Meghalaya Legal Service and the ministerial staff belongs to the Meghalaya Civil Secretariat Service.

The basic function and duties of Law “A” Department are as follows:-

  1. Establishment, Constitution and reorganization of Court, including Special Court.

  2. Appointment of Judicial officials and Government Advocates.

  3. Control over the budget head, “2014”- Administration of Justice.

  4. Preparation of annual budget.

  5. Matter concerning construction and maintenance of Court building (in consultation with PWD Buildings)

The basic function and duties of Law “B” Department are as

  1. Legislation and Subordinate Legislation

    1. Drafting and vetting of bills, statutory rules, orders and notification and giving advice on legislation measures,

    2. Promulgation of Ordinance by the Governor,

    3. Obtaining assent of the Governor of the President to bills passed by the State Legislature and publishing them,

    4. Compilations of State Acts,

    5. Vetting of Bills, rules regulations of District Councils requiring assent or approval of the Governor,

    6. Translation of Acts into Garo had Khasi Language and

    7. Revision of Acts and amendments thereof.

  2. Judicial Administration.

    1. Conduct of State cases, appeals, etc. in all Courts including High Court and Supreme Court,

    2. Investment of Magisterial & Judicial powers on all M.C.S. Officers and other officers of Government during election,

    3. Engagement of lawyers/Defence Counsel on behalf of the accused,

    4. Conduct of Government cases in various courts including Supreme Court, High Court and District Courts,

    5. Matter relating to implementation, judgment and orders including Supreme Court Judgment/Orders posed by High Court of other State Government,

    6. Mercy petitions, pardon and commutation of sentences of convicts,

    7. Appointment of Special Judge and constitution of Special Courts Tribunal under the different Act/Rules.

  3. Legal Opinion and Advice.

    1. Tendering legal opinion and advice to all Departments etc. of the Government of Meghalaya,

    2. Drafting and vetting odds deeds agreements and other instruments.

  4. Budget and Financial Administration.

    1. Payment of fees and other expenses of Government Lawyers in the District Court/High court Advocates including Supreme Court.