1. Application form Permanent Residence Certificate for Higher Education and Training pdf/489.71 KB
  2. Application forms for establishment of fish feed mills in private sector pdf/146.43 KB
  3. Application Forms for Financial Assistance pdf/604.51 KB
  4. Application for objecting inclusion of name in electoral roll or seeking deletion of name from Electoral Roll
  5. Application for objecting inclusion or seeking deletion of name in electoral roll pdf/9.46 KB
  6. Application for permission to construct, extend or take into use any building as a factory
  7. Application for permission to import small quantity of insecticides/chemicals for the purpose of examination, analysis, tests, etc pdf/16.16 KB
  8. Application for Purchase of Agricultural Machinery & Equipments under Agriculture Engineering (Mechanical) Subsidy Scheme (Border/ Non - Border Areas) pdf/245.66 KB
  9. Application for Refund pdf/8.61 KB
  10. Application for Refund by Exporters pdf/8.72 KB
  11. Application for Refund of Input Tax Credit pdf/10.02 KB
  12. Application for refund of security pdf/10.21 KB
  13. Application for Registration pdf/40.92 KB
  14. Application for registration and grant or renewal of factory license and notice of occupation
  15. Application for registration of a Motor Vehicle
  16. Application for Registration of Importers pdf/20.73 KB
  17. Application for registration of insecticide pdf/24.18 KB
  18. Application for Registration of Nursing Home, Renewal of Registration to be submitted in triplicate pdf/10.49 KB
  19. Application for Registration of Packers Manufacturers pdf/19.42 KB
  20. Application for registration of tea
Last Updated On: 30 Sep 2020