Legal Metrology Department
About the Department

In India, the Directorate of Legal Metrology is one of the separate wings under the Department of Consumer Affairs, Food & Civil Supplies. The Government of India enforces the Legal Metrology Act & Rules through the Director at the centre who in turn delegates his powers to the Controllers of the States for effective enforcement of the provisions of the Acts & Rules.

In Meghalaya, the Department came into existence with the inception of the State which was earlier known as “The Department of Weights and Measures”. Subsequently in line with other States of India, the Nomenclature of the Department was changed to “Legal Metrology” with effect from 28th January 2010 vide Government Notification No.WM(G)12/85/250. The Department enforces the provisions of the Legal Metrology Acts & Rules through the Controller with the assistance of the Subordinate Officers of the Department. In view of the above, it is therefore felt necessary that the Manual be formulated for effective functioning of the Department and simultaneously be informative for the public at large.

Other Details



  1. Check that the weighing scale at zero load is balanced equally.
  2. Check the quantity of weights placed on the pan  at the time of weighment..
  3. Recheck the weight of the pre-packed items.
  4. Insist on Cash Memo.
  5. Ask for a 5 (five) litre measure if delivery of Diesel/Petrol is suspicious.


  1. pay the price higher than the Maximum Retail Price.
  2. buy items where M.R.P   is smudged/removed.
  3. buy pre packed item pasted with price sticker.
  4. accept transaction other than metric system.
  5. be careless during transaction.
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