Secretariat Administration Department
About the Department

Objective / Purpose of the public Authority.

Public Authority- Secretariat Administration Department.

The main object and purpose of Secretariat Administration Department as the name refers is to service the whole Secretariat which includes establishment matters of the Secretariat Department and its staff from the post of Assistant Superintendent to peon (Non-gazetted) including offices of the Ministers, Chairman, Vice / Deputy-Chairman / Parliamentary Secretaries etc.: drawal and disburse payment of Salaries of Ministers, Officers & Staff of Secretariat and other types of payment  of expenditures related to the establishment matters of all the Departments of the Government , Receipts and issues of all the daks , Ensure the Cleanliness and proper Maintenance of the Secretariat Buildings and storage of all closed files for record sent by other secretariat Departments.

Mission / Vision statement of the Public Authority. 
The Department aims at providing a clean and healthy working environment to all those who are accommodated in the Secretariat with fully committed staff to meet the expectation of the senior Officers / Ministers by increasing their work efficiency  and Discipline,to clear all their entitlements as soon as the claim is preferred and to provide efficient service whenever required.

Brief History of the Public Authority. 
The Department was in existence since the creation  of the State Meghalaya when it was bifurcated from the erstwhile State of Assam to meet the needs and requirements of the new State for maintaining proper Administration. The Department has the following branches:

1. S.A.D.(Establishment), 
2. S.A.D.(Accounts),
3. S.A.D.(Nazarat),
4. S.A.D.(Issue) and
5. S.A.D.(Record).

Duties of Public Authority /Main Activities / Functions of the Public Authority:­S.A.D.(Accounts) :-
The duties/ activities / functions of S.A.D. Department wise are as under:-

 S.A.D.(E) :­

(i) Controls the administration of Grade-III staff of the Secretariat and all the related matters thereof including Appointment, Promotion, Confirmation, Pension Cases, Leave, Posting & Transfer. Maintenance of Service Books, A.C.Rs. 
(ii) Sanction of loans and advances, G.P.Fund, Medical Treatment  etc.
(iii) Purchase and maintenance: 
       (a) Vehicles of Ministers and Senior Officers.
       (b) Provision of Xerox Machines, Typewriter Machines, Fax etc.
(iv) Security Arrangement in the Secretariat Buildings.
(v) Access Control System.

S.A.D (Accounts):
1. Preparation of Bills and Disbursement of expenditures relating to:­
        (a) Pay/Salary of all Secretariat (Civil) Staff including some establishment of Boards & Committees, Chairman. Vice/Deputy Chairman/ Parliamentary Secretaries.
        (b) House rent, Electricity Bills of Ministers, Ministers of State, Parliamentary Secretaries, Chairmen, Vice-Chairmen etc.
        (c) Medical Bills, Honorarium Bills of  Ministers etc and also for both Gazetted and Non-Gazetted staff.
       (d) House Building Advances, G.P.F., Scooter/Motor Cars and Festival Advance of Officers & Staff.
       (e) All Contingency Bills including Telephone rents and Bills relating to Purchase and maintenance of Vehicles ; Fax Machines; Xerox Machines, Cyclostyle machines, Light refreshment, office furniture  and stationery etc.
       (f) T.A.bills of Ministers etc Officers and Non-Gazetted staff and members of Boards/Committee.
       (g) Discretionary Grants placed at the disposal of  Ministers and Ministers of State.
       (h) L.T.C. of  Ministers etc and Officers.
2. Income Tax and Professional Tax Returns of all Officers and Staff assessable including Income Tax calculation thereof.
3. Matters relating to Audit Objection and Public Accounts Committee’s references.
4. Verification of Accounts for reconciliation of Appropriation  accounts and preparation of explanation for verification of expenditures under budgetary grants for presentation before the Public Accounts Committee.
5 Preparation of Budget estimates and control over expenditure under its control.

S.A.D (Nazarat) :
Its main duties are :-
1. To maintain General cleanliness of all Secretariat Buildings and its compounds.
2. Recruitment and posting in respect of all Grade-IV Staff and the related service matters including appointment, transfer and posting, maintenance of Service Book, Loans & Advances, G.P.Fund, Pension Cases, disbursement of pay and supply of liveries.
3. Maintenance of Duplicating Machines.
4. Arrangement for :-
         (a) Taking deliveries of parcels and good of Sectt. Departments.
        (b) Reservation of the Conference Hall for Meetings and Light Refreshment and payment of Bill thereof.
        (c) Observation of National Important Days e.g. Martyrs Day, Meghalaya Day etc.
        (d) Office Accommodation in the Secretariat Building.
5. Printing of name Plates ,D.O. Forms, Second Note Sheets etc.
6. Provision of All necessary Office requirement like Furniture, Curtains, Wall Clock, Stationeries for the Secretariat.
7. Calling of Tenders/Contractors for supply and purchase of  :-
           (a) Paper & Stationeries articles.
           (b) Furniture 
           (c) Liveries
           (d) Carpets, Curtains, Wall Clocks, Coal for Boilers.
8. Passing of Bills and Maintenance of Stock Books Registers for purchase of Articles.
9. Repairing , varnishing etc of Office, furniture and Roneo Machines etc. 

S.A.D (Issue) :
Its main work is issue of Daks outside the Secretariat of all Secretariat Departments.

S.A.D (Records)  :­
Is responsible for safe custody of all closed files received from All Sectt. Department and for supply them on requisition to the Department for referring when required.
Besides the Department. also grant permission to Research Scholar to consult Record Room.