Printing & Stationery Department
About the Department

Government Press was established about 100 years ago during the British Rule. After independence the then State of Assam was created with its capital and HQ of the Secretariat Press at Shillong under the supervision of Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent. The Office of the Government Press, Shillong and Stationery and Forms Office were amalgamated into one establishment and upgraded to the status of the Directorate of Printing and Stationery, Meghalaya, Shillong on the 23rd June, 1982 after Meghalaya attained Statehood. Branch Press Tura, was commissioned during he year 1983 and much of the workload have been reduced considerably. Another Branch Press at Jowai intended to cater to the needs of the District was inaugurated during 2011. Initiative was also made to introduce the Braille Press at the Headquarter for printing Educational books in Braille format for the interest of the visually handicapped students of the State.

The Directorate of Printing and Stationery is essentially a serving department catering to the needs of all the Government offices in the State for Printing and Stationery. Though it has become very difficult for the Directorate to accommodate printing works with the old machineries which were installed 40-50 years back and have outlived their life, a multi storied building was constructed and new techniques are introduced to facilitate

- Economy

- Quality

- Meet the growing demand of various Government Departments.

- Works presently done outside the State such as colour Printing etc. are undertaken in the Govt. Press

- Speedy delivery

- To accommodate works from the autonomous/Private bodies on payment basis

- Man power planning by ensuring reduction in work force in the old Printing process

- To generate additional revenue for the State Govt.

- Substantial reduction in Overtime expenses