Power Department
About the Department

List of subjects allocated

  1. Administration of the Electricity Acts & Rules.
  2. Administration of the MeECL Rules, 1975.
  3. Administration of Licensing Board Rules and Regulations.
  4. Administration of the Shillong Electric Supply Undertaking (Acquisition) Act,1977.
  5. Framing of Service Rules.
  6. Constitution of the MeECL.
  7. Rural Electrification
  8. Inter-State Tariff and Home Consumption.
  9. State Government Loan.
  10. Market Loan.
  11. R.E.C. Loan.
  12. Annual Financial Statement of the MeECL.
  13. Annual Statement of Accounts of the MeECL.
  14. Consultative Committee for Power.
  15. Consultative Council for MeECL.
  16. Integrated Rural Energy Programme.
  17. Power Minister's Conference.
  18. Implementation of Plan Schemes and Projects.
  19. Minister's meeting with officers of the MeECL/MNREDA.
  20. Monitoring Cell.
  21. Action Calendar.
  22. Tata Consultancy Services in MeECL.
  23. Vigilance Cell.
  24. Implementation of N.E.C. Scheme.
  25. Implementation of 20-Point Programme.
  26. Cabinet Sub-Committee for Power Department.
  27. Implementation of Renewable Sources of Energy Schemes (Solar and Wind).

Meghalaya New and Renewable Energy Development Agency (MNREDA):

Meghalaya New and Renewable Energy Development Agency (MNREDA) was created on 18.09.1987 and Registered under the Societies Registration Act. 1983.

The objective is to identify formulate and implement demonstration, experimental, promotional and extension projects and programmes related to New and Renewable Sources of Energy. Such as Solar-Energy, Wind Energy, Biogas, Biomass, Micro/ Mini/ small Hydro Power, Watermill, Co-generation (non-Bagasse). The programmes covers, providing electricity to remote unelectrified rural areas of the state.