Mining & Geology Department
About the Department
  1. Direction and Administration :- All Matters relating to Routine of Administration, Budget, Finance and Accounts and Planning.
  2. Survey & Mapping and Mineral Exploration
    1. Matters relating to Mineral Exploration in the State which includes Survey and Drilling operation. Preparation of Feasibility and Project Reports and Mineral-based industries and all the Schemes relating to development and utilisation of mines and minerals resources in the State.
    2. Grant of Certificate of Approval.
    3. Grant of Mineral concessions, assessment and collection of royalty, rent, fees, etc. on major minerals.
    4. Meghalaya Mineral Development Corporation Ltd.
    5. State Programming Board.
    6. Matters relating to Mines and Minerals Act.
  3. Research Chemical analysis of various rocks and mineral samples collected by the Geologists, etc.
Other Details

Department of Mining and Geology, Additional Secretariat Building, Shillong-1, Meghalaya