Fisheries Department
About the Department

Till 1972, the activities of Fisheries in Meghalaya constituted a part and parcel of the then Agriculture Department of the newly created state. With the advance in time and with the availability of technical manpower and modern scientific techniques in the sector, Fisheries activities has been suitably bifurcated and given the status of a separate department for better implementation of Fishery developmental programmes in the state. Meghalaya is blessed with a great potential for development of fish culture through cultivable water areas like pond, tanks, reservoirs, lakes, rivers, streams etc. of late fish farming has become very popular in the state and considering the agro-climatic conditions and consumer base. In fact it has become a good source of livelihood and income in many rural areas.

The main aim of the Department is to attain self-sufficiency in fish production and provide a good source of protein for achieving nutritional security in the state. Creation of Livelihood opportunities and generating rural employment particularly among the un-employed youth is the target to attain the central aim of the Department.

The Directorate of Fisheries is entrusted with all developmental activities in the Fisheries Sector. The activities include, Horizontal Expansion of Culture area, critical infrastructure development, Capacity Building and conservation of indigenous resources.

Meghalaya State Fisheries Research & Training Institute (MSFR&TI)

The successful execution of various activities requires the strengthening of competencies of all officers of the department as well as stake holders in the sector. Identifying this need, the Meghalaya State Fisheries Research & Training Institute, Mawpun, Ri Bhoi District was established in 2013. The institute is mandated with imparting scientific technical knowledge and skill as well as serve as a demonstration unit of all latest technology in the field.

Fish Farmers Development Agency (FFDA)

The Fish Farmers’ Development Agency was created for easy implementation of developmental schemes in the sector like the Meghalaya State Aquaculture Mission. The Minister (i/c. Fisheries) is the Chairman of the Agency. It has a two-tier system of organisational structure, one at the State level and other at the district level. The Director, Fisheries is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the State level. At the District level, the Superintendent of Fisheries will function as the District Executive Officers (DEO) of the FFDA, who will be responsible for the implementation of the programmes of the Mission.


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