District Council Affairs Department
About the Department

The function of the District Council Affairs Department is to Co-ordinate the work between the District Council and  other Government  Department in the  State and also with the Govt. of India.

All the Bill/Regulation/Rules etc., submitted by the District Council are examined in the Department with reference to the legality of the Bill or otherwise of those Legislative in terms of the provisions of the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution and in conformity with the Assam and Meghalaya Autonomous District ( Constitution of District Council) rules,1951 as amended. If the Bill/Regulation is found to be in  order the same is recommended to the Governor for his assent/ approval. If the same is not within the competency of District Council the Bill etc is returned to the council with  a message from the Governor under the aforesaid Rules.

The Department Is also responsible for conducting the election to 3 (three) District Councils on expiry of their terms and summon the District  Councils Session for its first  constitution and election of Chief Executive Members,/ Chairman etc. of the District Council and also for appointment  of Executive Members in accordance with the provisions under the Assam and Meghalaya Autonomous District ( Constitution of District Council )  Rules, 195 as amended.
The Department do not implement any developmental schemes directly. The State Government through District Council Affairs Department is extending financial support to the three Autonomous District Councils in the form of grant-in-aid to supplement their income and for implementations of various developmental works such as construction of village roads, footpath, playground, water tanks, council own office and court Building, MDC Hostel  etc., However the plan allocation from the Central Govt. is entirely grant-in-aid under Article 275 (1)  of the constitution of India. The release of fund depend on the approval and sanction of the Schemes by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs  Govt. of  India.

Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (2014)

Constituency Name of MDC Party
1-Jirang Victor Ranee INC
2-Nongpoh Rona Khymdeit (W) UDP
3-Mawhati James Sylliang IND
4-Umsning Donkupar Sumer UDP
5-Umroi Arbinus Lyngdoh INC
6-Sohryngkham Pyniaid Sing Syiem HSPDP
7-Mawkynrew Banteidor Lyngdoh INC
8-Nongkrem Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit HSPDP
9-Lyngkyrdem - Laitkroh Jansing M. Tynsong INC
10-Nongshken Grace Mary Kharpuri (W) HSPDP
11-Shella Teinwell Dkhar UDP
12-Mawsynram Pynshngainlang Syiem INC
13-Sohra Donevan Wanlang INC
14-Mylliem Teilinia S. Thangkhiew (W) HSPDP
15-Laban - Mawprem Sanbor Shullai NCP
16-Nongthymmai Latiplang Kharkongor KHNAM
17-Laitumkhrah - Malki Neil Antonio War INC
18-Mawkhar - Pynthorumkhrah James Ban Basaiawmoit KHNAM
19-Jaiaw Adelbert Nongrum KHNAM
20-Mawlai Process T. Sawkmie KHNAM
21-Mawphlang - Diengiei Lamphrang Blah INC
22-Nongspung - Sohiong H. Donkupar R. Lyngdoh INC
23-Mairang - Nongkhlaw Metbah Lyngdoh UDP
24-Pariong - Mawthadraishan Brolding Nongsiej UDP
25-Mawkyrwat Hadrian Lyngdoh UDP
26-Langrin Manstudy Nongrem INC
27-Nongstoin Goodleaderson Nongsiej HSPDP
28-Rambrai - Jyrngam Phlastingwell Pangniang HSPDP
29-Mawshynrut Morningstar Mawsor HSPDP

Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council (2014)

Constituency Name of MDC Party
1-War-East Stephanson Mukhim IND
2-War-Central Hollando Lamin INC
3-War-West Het Pohthmi IND
4-Sohmynting-Khliehtyrshi Madonbai Rymbai INC
5-Mukhla-Wahiajer Hermon Phawa INC
6-Ummulong-Moodymmai Laitsing Shylla INC
7-Nongbah Shemhok Garod UDP
8-Nartiang-Umladang Thombor Shiwat INC
9-Nongjngi Suklang Shylla IND
10-Mynsngat-Khanduli Pheinshwa Nanglein INC
11-Shilliang-Myntang Rudaioo Tang IND
12-Barato-Mukroh Ri-ioo Sten IND
13-Saphai Chanky Lyngdoh UDP
14-Mowkaiaw Winning Garland Sungoh INC
15-Raliang Bisonroy Iano IND
16-Shangpung Kilometre Lytan INC
17-Jowai-North Marki Mulieh UDP
18-Jowai-Central Awhai Andrew Shullai INC
19-Jowai-South Moonlight Pariat UDP
20-Muthlong-Sohkymphor Skhembok Suchiang IND
21-Tubber Lasky Rymbai UDP
22-Musniang-Rngat Phasmon Dkhar IND
23-Rymbai-Khliehriat Violet Lyngdoh (W) UDP
24-Sutnga-Narwan Hopingstone Bareh INC
25-Sutnga-Nongkhlieh Richard Singh Lyngdoh IND
26-Sumer Philip Tangliang INC
27-Saipung Arbor Hima Darnei INC
28-Narpuh Desous Pohshna INC
29-Bataw Lakadong Joinriwell Pyrtuh INC

Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (2015)

Constituency Name of MDC Party
1-Siju Kenadik S. Marak Independent
2-Wagesik   Sengnal N.Sangma National People Party
3-Silkigre Augustine R. Marak Garo National Council
4-Rongrikimgre Wenison Ch. Marak Garo National Council
5-Gasuapara Devier M. Sangma Independent
6-Barengapara Kurosh M. Marak Independent
7-Babelapara Rightious N. Sangma National Congress Party
8-Amongpara Jinbirth Marak Garo National Council
9-Tura Rupert M. Sangma Independent
10-Dengnakpara Sadhia Rani M. Sangma Indian National Congress
11-Boldamgre Stevie M Marak Indian National Congress
12-Nogorpara Boston Marak National People Party
13-Zikzak Bhupendra B Hajong Bharatiya Janata Party
14-Betasing Nripendra Koch Indian National Congress
15-Rochonpara Dipul R. Marak National People Party
16-Asanang Ismail R. Marak Indian National Congress
17-Balachanda Sofior Rahman Independent
18-Batabari Mark Goera B. Marak Independent
19-Shyamnagar S G Esmatur Mominin National People Party
20-Raksamgre Benedic R. Marak National People Party
21-Naguapara Dhormonath Sangma Indian National Congress
22-Jengjal Levastone T.Sangma Independent
23-Rongrong Sukharam K. Sangma National People Party
24-Bolsong Jogonsing Sangma Indian National Congress
25-Damas Dolly K.Sangma National People Party
26-Kharkutta Smith Momin Indian National Congress
27-Samandagre Brilliant R. Sangma National People Party
28-Darugre Mettrinson G. Momin National People Party
29-Williamnagar Denang T. Sangma National People Party