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Title: Ryntih Sports and Cultural Club accorded a warm sent off
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Speaking on the occasion, Shri Banteidor Lyngdoh reiterated the need to revive the football scene in the State. Lamenting the fact that many football clubs of the State have not been able to sustain themselves over the years due to financial constraints, he said the lack of Government support has further aggravated the problem. Hence, he announced cash incentives to Football Cubs of the State to the tune of 10 lakhs for those qualifying for 2nd Division I-League, 40 Lakhs for those qualifying for I-League and 1 Cr for those qualifying for the Indian Super League. The Minister also shared words of encouragement for the members of Ryntih Sports and Cultural Club and reiterated the importance of team spirit and a fighting spirit to achieve their goals
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24 Sep 2021