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MegVat Mobile Application provides basic information regarding road permits, P-forms and C-forms in simple tabular form which makes it easy for the common people as well the government officials to get up to date information about the details of the various waybill and C-forms. All the user need to do is enter Waybill number, C-Form number to get the respective information.

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Mobile Farm Solutions ( Questions & Answers )

The objective of the App is to help the farmers to report the problems on the crops, soil, pests, etc to the Scientist or SMS experts of KVKs in their respective districts. Reporting can be in the form of plain text like short description of the problem and also they can take picture and send together to the Scientist of KVKs. The farmers who wish to use this mobile app has to register their name, mobile number and address and the Programme Co-ordinator of KVK of respective districts will approve. Users ( KVK officials, farmers and citizens) should have a 2G/3G/4G mobile phones connection to use the apps as it disseminates and interact with real time situation.

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