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Agriculture Department
Year :2017
No.AGRI (G) 228/2007/Pt.I/437 Dt: August 02 ,2017    PDF(192KB)
A co-ordination Committee is hereby constituted to implement the e-Governance applications for the benefit of farmers,citizen at large.
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department
Year :2011
MVD/Acctt/G-12/(Pt)/2011-12/27 Dt: August 24 ,2011    PDF(277KB)
Financial Powers conferred to the undersigned, under the Delegation of Financial Power Rules 2006, in respect of Goat and Liquid Nitrogen
MVD/Acctt/G-12/2010-11/19 Dt: February 28 ,2011    PDF(566KB)
Financial Powers conferred to the undersigned, under the Delegation of Financial Power Rules 2006 the price of the following Farm Produces as indicated below are hereby revised as follows with effect from 01/04/2011 except for milk price which stands revised from 11 th March/2011
District Council Affairs Department
Year :2017
No.GHADC-GAD/A/253/2010/26 Dt: April 10 ,2017    PDF(621KB)
Shri Cyril.V.Darlong Diengdoh,IAS,Deputy Commissioner,South West Garo Hills,Ampati hereby assuming charge of the Administration of the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council,Tura w.e.f 10th April 2017
Excise Registration Taxation Stamps Department
Year :2020
Year :2019
ERTS (T) 4/2019/Pt/58 Dt: December 26 ,2019    PDF(34KB)
Removal of Difficulty Order No. 10/2019 - State Tax
ERTS(T)4/2019/502 Dt: December 03 ,2019    PDF(125KB)
Removal of Difficulty Order No. 09/2019 State Tax
ERTS(T)4/2019/491 Dt: November 14 ,2019    PDF(59KB)
Removal of Difficulty Order No. 08/2019 State Tax
Finance Department
Year :2011
Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department
Year :2017
No.SWGH.SUP/APPN/WS/PDS/2015/77 Dt: June 22 ,2017    PDF(301KB)
List of appointed Govt. nominees/agents in PDS for the year 2017.
Forests & Environment Department
Year :2017
Information Technology Department
Year :2017
No.PA/e-Govt./WGH/11/12/Pt-127 Dt: June 08 ,2017    PDF(27KB)
The Office of the Deputy Commissioner,West Garo Hills District will roll out the e-services in the electronic form to citizens w.e.f 31st July,2017.
Labour Department
Year :2017
No.DET (M) E-16/05 Dt: September 27 ,2017    PDF(614KB)
List Of Public Information Officers (PIOs) under Directorate of Employment & Craftmen Training, Labour Department.
Year :2011
No.LBG-125/96/Pt I/172 Dt: March 30 ,2011    PDF(855KB)
Meghalaya Building and Other Construction Workers
Mining & Geology Department
Year :2019
No.MG.51/2018/59 Dt: May 20 ,2019    PDF(1789KB)
Instructions for Verification & Trnasportation of Coal under Hon'ble Supreme Court's Order dated 10.05.2019.
No.MG.51/2018/25 Dt: January 15 ,2019    PDF(135KB)
In pursuance of the directions of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India in its sitting on 15.01.19 as communicated by the learned General, Govt. of Meghalaya, transportation of coal in the State of Meghalaya is hereby stopped with immediate effect.
Parliamentary Affairs Department
Year :1992
PA.2/91/50 Dt: March 26 ,1992    PDF(105KB)
Office Order regarding equation of the office of Government Chief Whip, Meghalaya Legislative Assembly and office of the Government Deputy Chief Whip, Meghalaya Legislative Assembly to that of a Minister and a Minister of State respectively.
Personnel & A.R. Department
Year :2020
PER.36/2011/Pt.II/23 Dt: April 01 ,2020    PDF(477KB)
Shri P. K. Agrahari, IFS, Secy Finance Deptt shall function as the Nodal officer for handling COVID-19
PER.36/2011/Pt.II/23 Dt: April 01 ,2020    PDF(477KB)
Order regarding Shri P. K. Agrahari, IFS
Planning Department
Year :2010
PLR./35/97/102 Dt: July 01 ,2010    PDF(243KB)
Expediting the process of sanction and implementation of Mid Day Meal Scheme -1st July 2010
PLR./109/2007/321 Dt: June 29 ,2010    PDF(50KB)
Status on Convergence activities Dated 29th June 2010
PLR./51/2010/2 Dt: June 28 ,2010    PDF(118KB)
Timely submissions of proposals under the Centrally Sponsored/Central Sector Schemes to the concerned Central Ministries-28 June 2010
PLR./109/2007/318 Dt: June 09 ,2010    PDF(84KB)
Convergence of rural development activities at the village and grass root level for successful implementation of IFAD funded LIPH in Meghalaya Dated 9th June 2010
NEC/Plan/I-34/2009 Dt: January 22 ,2010    PDF(212KB)
Scrutiny of DPRs of projects having building/construction/civil engineering works components - 22nd January 2010
Year :2009
NEC/PLAN/I-34/2009 Dt: October 15 ,2009    PDF(1991KB)
Scrutiny of DPRs of projects having building/construction/civil engineering works components- 15th October 2009
PLR.70/97/Pt.II/21 Dt: May 22 ,2009    PDF(62KB)
Exemption from obtaining Planning Department's approval to expedite issue of sanctions and disbursements of Scholarships to students -22nd May 2009
Year :2005
No. PLA.119/04/102 Dt: December 06 ,2005    PDF(10KB)
Appointment of Shri G.W. Pohti of Darrang Village Jaintia Hills to represent HSPDP as member of the Meghalaya Economic Development Council in place of Shri F. Lyngdoh - 6th December 2005
Year :1993
PLR.53/92/23 Dt: August 18 ,1993    PDF(730KB)
Accommodation of district level schemes recommended by the District Planning & Development Council in the Departmental Plan Budgets-18th August 1993
Political Department
Year :2020
POL/65-2020/17 Dt: April 02 ,2020    PDF(114KB)
Smti. Ripnar Lyngdoh, IAS, Commissioner and Secretary R & DM Deptt shall also function as the Nodal Officer for coordinating relief measures for the migrant labour stranded in Meghalaya
POL/65-2020/28 Dt: March 21 ,2020    PDF(1041KB)
Entry of people into Meghalaya restricted