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South West Khasi Hills
1,341 Sq.km
District Head Quarters
Khasi, Garo
History And Geography

Mawkyrwat Civil Sub-Division was notified as a full-fledged Civil Sub-Division with effect from 26th June, 1982 under Government Notification No. HPL.539/81/51, dated 22nd June, 1982.

And, whereas, for public convenience and better administration the Governor of Meghalaya considers it necessary to upgrade the said Mawkyrwat Civil Sub-Division of West Khasi Hills District with minor modifications, therein, into a full-fledged District.

And Whereas, the new District will compose all the villages of two Community & Rural Development Blocks viz. Ranikor Community & Rural Development Block and Mawkyrwat Community & Rural Development Block, including 18 (Eighteen) Villages under Warsan Lyngdoh Gram Sevak Circle of Nongstoin in Community & Rural Development Block as listed in the Schedule-I to the Notification with the following boundaries:

North - West Khasi Hills District
South – Bangladesh
East - East Khasi Hills District
West - West Khasi Hills and South Garo Hills Districts

Now, therefore, the Governor of Meghalaya is pleased to order that the Mawkyrwat Civil Sub-Division be upgraded into a District to be named as 'South West Khasi Hills District' with headquarters at Mawkyrwat.


No. of Educational Institutions

1.     Colleges: 1
2.     Government Higher Secondary Schools: 0
3.     Non Government Higher Secondary Schools: 5
4.     Government Secondary Schools: 1
5.     Non government Secondary Schools: 49
6.     Government Upper Primary Schools: 3
7.     Deficit Upper Primary Schools: 9
8.     Adhoc Upper Primary Schools: 62
9.     SSA Upper Primary Schools: 174
10.     Government Lower Primary Schools: 94
11.     Deficit Lower Primary Schools: 153
12.     Adhoc Lower Primary Schools: 74
13.     SSA Lower Primary Schools: 140
14.     Permitted & Unaided Lower Primary Schools: 35

Administrative Units

The district comprise of two Community & Rural development Blocks namely,

Mawkyrwat C&RD Block
Ranikor C&RD Block

Elaka Administration

1.Hima Maharam       
2.Hima Nongstoin
3.Hima Langrin       
4.Hima Nobosohphoh
5.Hima Mawiang

No. & Name of Assembly Constituencies: 2

1.35-Ranikor(ST) Assembly Constituency
2.36-Mawkyrwat (ST) Assembly Constituency
3.No. of Polling Stations-92
4.No. of voters-45285

Police Stations, Police Outpost, etc.

a.    Police Stations
1.    Mawkyrwat Police Station
2.    Ranikor Police Station

b.    Police Outpost etc
1.    Gumaghat Police Outpost
2.    Borsora Police Outpost
3.    Nonghyllam A.D Camp
4.    Borsora LCS

c.    Police Fire Services Station
1.    Mawkyrwat


Major Crops

Rice, Maize, Potato, Soyabean, Mustard, Betel Nuts & Betel Vine, Kharif & Rabi Vegetables, Spices, Mandarin Oranges, Plum, Peach, Papaya, Jackfruit, Litchi, Pineapple, Mangoes, Tamarin & Banana


Places of Interests

Lawblei-Umjarain(Jakrem) Hotspring, Rilang (Mawranglang) Viewpoint, Syngrangmawrin, Tynnai Viewpoint, Nongnah Viewpoint, Borba Sing Bridge (Anglers’ Paradise), Ranikor & Moilam River Beaches, Kubah cave and Kubuit cave.

Major Peaks

Nongsynrieh, Lawpaw, Kohthyllaw, Kyllai Longdngun, Kubah, Domsohlamut