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East Jaintia Hills
2,115 sq. kms
District Head Quarters
History And Geography

Whereas, the Khliehriat Civil Sub-Division has been carved out of the erstwhile Jaintia Hills District and upgraded into a District named as “East Jaintia Hills District" with headquarter at Khliehriat, and

Whereas, consequent upon the upgradation of Khliehriat (Civil) Sub-Division as the new District of East Jaintia Hills, it would be necessary to modify the name of the erstwhile Jaintia Hills District in order to avoid any confusion, as the term “Jaintia Hills” refers to the entire region and not just a part of it, and

Whereas, this has been the practice followed as on the case of the erstwhile United Khasi and Jaintia Hills District and the Garo Hills District when these were split into smaller Districts, and

Whereas, the Governor of Meghalaya is pleased to accept the recommendation of the Committee constituted for the purpose, and

Now therefore, it is accordingly hereby notified that the existing Jaintia Hills District be renamed as "West Jaintia Hills District" with headquarters at Jowai.

This order shall take effect on and from the 31st July, 2012

Administrative Units

The district comprise of two Community & Rural development Blocks namely,
Khliehriat C&RD Block
Saipung C&RD Block