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Commerce & Industries Department
Department / Office Profile

Particulars of organization, Function & Duties.

Objectives/purpose of the public authority :- The basic objective/purpose of the Department of Industries is to act as the Nodal Promotional Agency in the Development of Industries & Industries activities in the State as a whole.

Mission/Vision Statement of the public Authority- Our Mission/Vision is to provide basic infrastructure facilities for the creation of Industrial awareness and atmosphere.

Brief history of the public authority and context of its formation :- With the coming up of new State in 1972 it became necessary to create a Department of Industries in the State of Meghalaya.

                 The Department is responsible for the promotion and establishment of Major Industries in the State together with a wide range of activities in respect of Small Scale Industries Cottage Industries ranging for grant of loans to intending entrepreneurs and setting up Organization for training of persons in various stages through a number of training cum production centers.

Duties of the public authority :- The Department of Industries scrutinizes and sanctions various schemes to promote Large & Medium Small Scale Industries, Centrally Sponsored Scheme (PMRY & Census of SSI) Grant In Aid to Meghalaya Khadi & Village Industries Board and passed out trainees, Appointments, Promotions and all establishment matters relating thereto.

Main activities/functions of the public authority. The main function of the public authorities is to promote  the development of Industries and Industries activities in the State as a whole.

List of services being provided by the public authority with a brief write-up on them. 

  • Promotional services through District Industries Centres & Meghalaya Industrial Development Corporation. 
  •  Prime Minister Rozgar Yojana Scheme through Directorate of Industries. 
  •  Training & Awareness Building.
  • Infrastructure facilities for setting up industries.
  • Registration.

Organizational structure Diagram at various levels namely State, Directorate, Region District

Secretariat Level -

  1. Commissioner & Secretary, Industries Department.
  2. Secretary Industries Department
  3. Under Secretary, UDA, LDA, Typist,  Peon
  4. Superintendent 
  5. Upper Division Assistant
  6. Lower Division Assistant
  7. Typist
  8. Peon.

Expectation of the Public authority from the public authority from the public for enhancing its effectiveness and efficiency. Industries Department expect continuous feed back on the quality of the services provided to the public and on areas in which they expect improvement.

Arrangement and methods made for seeking public participation/contribution.

Mechanism available for monitoring the service delivery and public grievance resolution, Complaints, if any, are handled by the Commissioner & Secretary Industries.

Other Informations

Addresses of the main office and other offices at different levels. Industries Department, Myntdu Building/Additional Secretariat Building Room No.404. Morning hours of the office 10.00 A.M. Closing hours of the office 4:30 P.M.(w.e.f.1.Nov. to 14 Feb) Closing hours of the office 5.00 P.M.(w.e.f.15 Feb – 30th Oct)
Contact Particulars of Heads of Departments and Undertakings
Directorate / Commissionerate
Undertakings / Boards
Meghalaya Bamboo Chips Limited (MBCL)
Meghalaya Cherra Cements Limited (MCCL)
Meghalaya Electronics Development Corporation (MEDC)
Meghalaya Handloom and Handicraft Development Corporation (MHHDC)
Meghalaya Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC)
Meghalaya Khadi and Village Industries Board (MKVIB)
Meghalaya Watches Ltd. (MWL)