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Year : 1950

The Representation of the People Act, 1950   PDF(247KB)

To provide for the allocation of seats in, and the delimitation of constituencies for the purpose of elections to, the House
Year : 1951

The Representations of the People Act, 1951   PDF(564KB)

To provide for the conduct of elections of the Houses of Parliament and to the House or Houses of the Legislature
Year : 1989

The Scheduled Caste and Schedule Tribe Prevention of Atrocities Act, 1989 and Rules 1995

to safeguard the interest, Right of the Scheduled Caste /Scheduled Tribe and protect them from atrocities
Year : 1926

The Trade Unions Act, 1926   PDF(74KB)

To provide for the registration of Trade Unions and in certain respects to define the law relating to registered Trade Unions
Year : 1962

The Warehousing Corporation Act, 1962

To provide for the incorporation and regulation of corporations for the purpose of warehousing of agricultural produce and curtail other commodities
Year : 1998

Lottery Regulation Act 1998   PDF(41KB)

This Act promulgated in parliament in 1998 seeks to regulate the operation of the lottery business in the entire Indian Union.
Year : 1976

Tree Preservation Act, 1976   PDF(45KB)

To make provisions for regulating the felling of trees for purpose of protection of catchment areas and soil from erosion and
Year : 2008

University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya Act, 2008   PDF(1733KB)

to establish and incorporate an University in the State, with emphasis on providing high quality and industry-relevant education in the areas